Milan: Italy

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People from this place

  • Prof. Luigi Mangiagalli Congrès Périodiques de Gynécologie et d'Obstétrique (Member of a Committee)
  • G. Mylius International Federation of Master Cotton Spinners' and Manufacturers Associations (Treasurer)
  • Prof. Giacomo Carrara International Committee for the Publication of Annual Tables of Chemical, Physical, Biological and Technological Constants (Member of a Committee)
  • Guido Semenza International Commission on Illumination (Vice President) / International Electrotechnical Commission (President) / International Conference of the Principal High Tension Electrical Systems (Honorary President)
  • Margherita Ancona International Women Suffrage Alliance (Vice President)
  • Dr. Ernesto Vercesi International Catholic Work IKA (President)
  • Eugenio Rignano International Institute of Psychagogy and Psychotherapy (Member of a Honorary Committee)
  • Prof. Dr. Costantino Gorini International Federation of Agricultural Brainworkers (Member of a Committee)
  • C. Canziani International Catholic Film Bureau (I.C.F.B.) (Vice-President for Italy)
  • Piero Puricelli International Fairs Union (President)
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