International Federation of the Agricultural Press

International Federation of the Agricultural Press, Internationale Vereinigung der Landwirtschaftlichen Presse, Fédération Internationale de la Presse Agricole, Federatzione Internationale della Stampa Agricola, Federacion International de Prensa Agricola
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Founded: 26/7/1935
Sources: HB 1938



Relationships with other Organisations



HB 1938: To safeguard the interests of the profession and assist agricultural journalists ; to obtain reduced fares and travelling facilities; to organise joint study tours. Participation in national and international agricultural meetings, periodical organisation of a Congress of the International Agricultural Press and international regional meetings.

General facts

HB 1938: First meeting of the International Agricultural Press, Rome, October 1932; second meeting, Paris, January 1933; third meeting, Ghent, (Belgium), April 1933; fourth meeting, Berlin, May 1933; fifth meeting, Zurich, August 1933; sixth meeting, Milan, May 1934. First International Congress of the Agricultural Press, Brussels, July 26th and "27th, 1935. Seventh meeting of the International Agricultural Press, Rome, September 1935 ; Eighth meeting, Lausanne, June 1936; ninth meeting, Vienna, September 1936; tenth meeting, Paris, October 1936.


HB 1938: Agence agricole Internationale and La technique agricole international.


HB 1938: (a) The dissemination of information by means of the regular publication of a monthly International Bulletin mainly intended for the managers and proprietors of agricultural journals affiliated to the Association; this Bulletin is published in French, German, English and Spanish; (b) a documentation service and the keeping of archives ; (c) a service for supplying members at their request with summaries or translations in extenso of original articles appearing in the Bulletin ; (d) a Press cutting service; (e) exchange of publications between the affiliated associations and committees; (f) periodical organisation of an international Agricultural Press Congress and international regional meetings ; (g) safeguarding the interests of the profession, assisting agricultural journalists, the obtaining of travelling facilities and the organisation of joint study tours; (h) efforts to increase the prestige of agriculture and to induce the political and general Press to give prominence to agricultural problems.