Riga: Latvia

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  • Dr. P. Schiemann Congress of Organised Ethnical Minorities (Nationalities) in European Countries (Vice Chairman) / LoN General Assembly: Tenth Ordinary Session of the Assembly (League of Nations General Assembly Delegate)
  • Dr. M. Nurock Committee of Jewish Delegations and Executive Committee for the World Jewish Congress (Member of a Committee) / World Jewish Congress (Member of the Executive Committee)
  • Rabbi Nurok HIAS-JCA Emigration Association HICEM. (Member of the Assembly)
  • Peter Welps LoN Internal Control (LoN Member of Section) / LoN Saar Plebiscite Commission (LoN Member of Section)
  • Rudolf Wilde LoN Information Section (LoN Temporary Collaborator)
  • Arnolds Skrebers LoN Information Section (LoN Temporary Collaborator)
  • Dr. Wilhelm Ostwald Association pour la Création d'un Bureau de la Langue Internationale (Vice President)
  • Janis Roze Union for the International Language (IDO) (Secretary)
  • John Posomby Griffin LoN Translation (LoN Translator) / LoN Translation (LoN Translator)
  • Molly Elisabeth Kupffer LoN Under-Secretary-General's Office (LoN Senior Assistant)
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