Armi Inkeri Hallstein-Kallia

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1897-8-1 1/8/1897 (in Thusby: Finland )

Nationality: Finish

Roles in Organisations


  • Thusby: Finland
  • Unspecified 1924-1926 (Director of Educational Work, General Männerheim's League for Child and Welfare Protection)
  • Unspecified 1926-15/6/1926 (Secretary to Finnish Red Cross)
  • Unspecified -15/6/1926 (Vice-Chairman of Finnish Federation of University Women)
  • Paris: France -15/6/1926 (Secretariat of League of Red Cross Societies during 2 months)
  • Vienna: Austria 1923-1923 (Represented the Finnish Red Cross at the International Conference of the Junior Red Cross )
  • Oslo: Norway 1924-1924 (at the General Männerheim's League for Child Welfare & Protection)
  • Unspecified -15/6/1926 (Contributor to various periodicals on Social Questions & Welfare; Editor of the monthly Journal of Finnish Red Cross since 1925)