International of War Veterans and War Victims

International of War Veterans and War Victims, Internationale der Kriegsopfer und ehemaligen Frontkämpfer, Internationale des Anciens Combattants et des Victimes de la Guerre (I.A.C.)
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Founded: 1920
Sources: HB 1929


Executive Committee.


Members in these countries

National associations of war veterans and war victims
Belgium (1929-1936) , France (1929-1936) , Germany (1929-1936) , Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (1929-1936) , United States of America (1929-1936) ,



HB 1929: To defend the interests of war veterans and war victims, and to work to prevent war as the outcome of the capitalist system.


HB 1929: Contributions of affiliated associations.

General facts

HB 1929: Constituted in 1920 by the adoption of the Geneva Charter, which declared the I.A.C. to be independent of all political parties and proclaimed that war was the outcome of the capitalist system ; dissolution of the English section in 1921 ; dissolution of the Italian section (Lega Proletaria) in 1922; headquarters transferred from Paris to Berlin in 1923 ; dissolution of the Greek section (Union Panhelleniquc) in 1926.


HB 1929: War Victims' International Review (monthly).


HB 1929: International congresses at Geneva (1920), Vienna (1921), Berlin (1923), Paris (1925), Brussels (1927) ; Conference on social policy at Cologne (1925).