International Medical Equipment Research Institute

International Medical Equipment Research Institute, Institut International d'Études de Matériel Sanitaire
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Founded: 1926
Sources: HB 1929


A Committee.


Relationships with other Organisations


To centralise and improve the equipment for aiding the injured.


Contributions from Governments and national Red Cross organisations.

General facts

The Institute was founded by the International Red Cross Committee in pursuance of the resolutions of the twelfth international Red Cross Conference held at Geneva in 1925, and was sanctioned by the thirteenth International Red Cross Conference at The Hague in October 1928. It possesses a collection of medical equipment, affording facilities for a comparative study of the various models sent by the military and naval medical services of the different countries - stretchers, medical chests, medical cards, identity discs, etc.


An annual session of the Permanent International Standardisation Committee, consisting of representatives of health departments and Red Cross societies.