League against Imperialism and for National Independence

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Founded: 1927
Sources: HB 1929



Members in these countries

More than one hundred internationally affiliated organisations: All-India Trade Union Congress, Indian National Congress (associated member), Independence for India League, All-India Workers and Peasants Party, Hindustan Gadar Party, San Francisco, Perhimpenan Indonesia, Parti Socialiste Persan, National Radical Party of Egypt, Etoile Nordafricaine, Anti-Imperialist Association of Ireland, Clarté-Oslo, All-Russian Federation of Trade Unions, Workers' International Relief, Pan-Pacific Trade Union Secretariat. International Anti-Militarist Bureau, Red Sports International, etc. National sections in the following countries:
Argentina (1929-1936) , Brazil (1929-1936) , Cuba (1929-1936) , Ecuador (1929-1936) , Germany (1929-1936) , Mexico (1929-1936) , Netherlands (1929-1936) , Nicaragua (1929-1936) , Puerto Rico (1929-1936) , San Salvador (1929-1936) , South Africa (1929-1936) , United Kingdom (1929-1936) , United States of America (1929-1936) , Uruguay (1929-1936) ,



HB 1929: To fight against imperialism by (a) supporting the emancipation movements in the colonies, (b) carrying on propaganda against the colonial policy of the imperialist States, and (c) by uniting the emancipation movements in the colonies and semi-colonies with the working-class and anti-imperialist movements in the imperialist countries.


HB 1929: Contributions from affiliated organisations in accordance with the rate fixed by the Statutes as well as voluntary donations.

General facts

HB 1929: The foundation of the League against Imperialism was decided at the First Brussels Congress of the League in February 1927; since then, the League has developed from a group of anti-imperialists to a worldwide organisation. The Second Anti Imperialist World Congress of the League was held at Frankfort on Main in 1929.


HB 1929: International Press service in English, French and German (weekly) and in Arabian and Malayan. The Anti-Imperialist Review is issued irregularly.