International Bureau for the Unification of Criminal Law

International Bureau for the Unification of Criminal Law, Bureau International pour l'Unification du Droit Pénal
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Founded: 25/5/1928
Sources: HB 1929, HB 1936, HB 1938


Committee consisting of the following members/ Comité composé des membres suivants:


Relationships with other Organisations

Members in these countries

State representatives from: Governmental delegates of forty-eight States who are represented officially in the Bureau. The following institutions also constitute a part of the Bureau: International Association of Criminal Law; International Penal and Penitentiary Commission; International Criminal Police Commission; Howard League for Penal Reform; International Law Association; International Union of Penal Law. (HB 1938)
Belgium (1929-1938) , Czechoslovakia (1929-1938) , France (1929-1938) , Greece (1929-1938) , Italy (1929-1938) , Kingdom of Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia (1929-1936) , Poland (1929-1938) , Romania (1929-1938) , Spain (1929-1938) , Yugoslavia (1936-1938) ,



See title/ Voir titre.


Contributions from Governments/Contributions des gouvernements.

General facts

The Bureau was founded in consequence of a resolution passed at the second Conference for the Unification of Criminal Law at Rome. (HB 1929) Le Bureau a été fondé à la suite d'une résolution adoptée à la seconde Conférence pour l'unification du droit pénal à Rome. (HB 1936) The Bureau was founded following a resolution adopted at the second Conference for the Unification of Criminal Law at Rome.(HB 1938)


Conferences and publications.Conferences at Warsaw 1927 and Rome l928. (HB 1929) Conférences et publications. Conférences à Varsovie 1927 et Rome 1928. La dernière a eu lieu à Copenhague en 1935. (HB 1936) Conferences and publications. Conferences at Warsaw, 1927, Rome, 1928, Brussels, 1930, Paris, 1931, Madrid, 1933, Copenhagen, 1935. The next conference will take place at Cairo in January 1938. (HB 1938)