The Correspondent Office, League of Nations

The Correspondent Office, League of Nations, 国際連盟通信員事務所
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Founded: 24/5/1926


  • Charles Blackman Head of Office (President) : Chief
  • Julian Nogueira Corresponding Member (Member) 15/11/1942-31/7/1946 : Correspondant de la SDN en Uruguay.
  • Vicente Saenz LoN Correspondent (LoN Second Division) 1/1/1942-31/7/1946 : Substitute Correspondent in Mexico.



1. Liaison between Japan and the League.of Nations. 2. Introduction in Japan of the works of the League of Nations. 3. Representation of the League of Nations at various international conferences. 4. Agencies for the issue of League publications. 5. Various publications on the work of the League.