All Asian Women's Conference

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Founded: 1931
Sources: HB 1938



Members in these countries

Members from
Afghanistan , Burma , Ceylon , India , Japan , Persia ,



To promote the consciousness of unity amongst the women of Asia as members of a common Oriental culture. To take stock of qualities of Oriental civilisation so as to preserve them for national and world service (simplicity, philosophy, art, the cult of the family, veneration for motherhood, spiritual consciousness). To review and seek remedies for the defects at present apparent in Oriental civilisation (ill-health, illiteracy, poverty and underpayment of labour, infantile mortality, marriage customs). To sift what is appropriate for Asia from the Occidental influences (education, -dress,, freedom of movement, cinemas, machinery). To strengthen one another by exchange of data and experiences concerning women's conditions in the respective countries of Asia (economic, moral, political, and spiritual status). To promote world peace.


Voluntary subscriptions.

General facts

First All Asian Women's Conference was held in Lahore in January 1931. Two delegates were sent to Geneva to co-operate on the Women's Consultative Committee on Nationality created by the Council of the League of Nations.


The report of the All Asian Women's Conference, 1931.