The International Leprosy Association

The International Leprosy Association, Société Internationale de la Lèpre
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Founded: 1931
Sources: HB 1938


Members in these countries

Regular: Persons with recognised medical degrees and those with other scientific qualifications who are, or have been, actively connected with leprosy work. Associate. All other persons who are, or have been, connected with any phase of leprosy work, or who are especially interested therein. 265 members as at July, 1937. Africa 35 ; Europe 32; China 18; United Kingdom 15 ; Japan 17 ; Philippine Islands 5; West Indies 3; East Indies 8; India 26; Asia 5; Malay States 2; South America 50, United States of America 42 ; Canada 2 ; Australasia 5.
Africa , Antilles , Asia , Australasia , Canada , China , East Indies , Europe , India , Japan , Malay States , Philippines , South America , United Kingdom , United States of America ,


The Association encourages the formation of local branches by its members living in particular countries or regions, and the affiliation of local societies approved by the General Council. It also arranges for general congresses of the Association to be held at intervals, also international conferences.


(a) Budget. Subscriptions of members and non-members amounted to £301 14s. 7d. in 1936; (b) Sources of Income. Subscriptions of Members; (c) Expenses, 1936, £45 14s. 6d. Subscriptions go towards cost of Journal, which is subsidised by the Leonard Wood Memorial Fund.

General facts

The Association was founded at a conference held at Manila, Philippine Islands, under the auspices of the Leonard Wood Memorial for the Eradication of Leprosy.


"International Journal of Leprosy".


One of the principal activities is the publication of a scientific periodical devoted to leprosy. An International Leprosy Conference is being organised by this Association to be held at Cairo, commencing March 21st, 1938.